Monday, February 21, 2011

Really don't feel like writing anything... here's some pics of some scrapbook layouts I've made recently...(you should be able to click on any pic to make it bigger)
what she said to me a couple weeks ago

had to do a layout of the Thanksgiving cheeseball!

her tooth fairy pillow I made to make the tooth fairy's job easier (there's a pocket on the back for the tooth so it doesn't get lost under the pillow) So glad she emailed me the directions!

Some of these were for challenges at Studio Calico (my kit club) if they seem random. I also don't scrap in order--that would drive me nuts and stifle my creativity. I scrap what a want, when I want!

And the last two pics show her new fashions: her new boots that she got for having her teeth pulled (although we bought them before they actual pulling: we thought it was going to be that day but they just took xrays) and her black skirt from Amy. And her new skirt and sweater from Target (Mommy's a sucker for pretty kid's clothes!). Note the boots again, we can't pry them off her feet.

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