Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the thrill of the hunt

Sunday--cold and wind and all--we went to an egg hunt for Katherine's school. We didn't stay long...
her favorite "Princess" egg
The egg on the spoon race. Look at that determination, the focus, the drive to win...later she told Charlie, "I held onto the egg because they didn't say I couldn't." I didn't see it until I looked at the pictures and it looks like she was using 2 hands--maybe a smidge too close to the egg--but I'm not sure 2 hands was illegal. Oh well, there were prizes for everyone so it's not like she got the biggest one.
I was just happy to be done and go home!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Things in My Life

1. I'm a chocolate snob. Ok, snob might be a stretch since I'm buying Hershey's not Godiva but I had to fill 12 eggs for the preschool Easter Egg hunt and I can't bring myself to buy that cheap dollar store generic chocolate. It's cheaper...they're 3 and 4 year olds who probably don't care (except for mine...who doesn't like that stuff--proof positive that I'm doing something right!) so why spend money on the more expensive stuff? I like to believe in the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. Pretty sure that applies to chocolate giving too!
2. "Katherine won't make much of a farmer!" as said by Margaret after they hauled horse manure in the Gator on Sunday morning. Apparently she held her nose for the first 5 loads--Katherine not Margaret that is. I was busy doing some gardening and not present for this fun event. I highly resemble that remark!
3. Things I've been making:

Seriously can't get enough of this scrapbooking stuff lately. I joined a kit club called Studio Calico (shhhh....don't tell Charlie) which I love. Most of these were made for challenges on their site. I've done kit clubs before but for some reason this one is so much better!

And finally because I know you don't really care what I've been doing...a picture of Katherine from the first day of spring and because she loves them, a picture of her new sandals (with socks!)....

(She was dancing I think)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010


1. Most of you know I hate worms and if you don't...where have you been? Hiding under a rock...with the worms? Recent downpours have brought out all kinds of worms on our driveway. Saturday night before I went to bed I had to find the dog. Of course she didn't come when I called out the front door. So I had to walk outside. Usually when I go to the top of the driveway she comes. But there were worms all over the place and I couldn't find a flashlight which by the way is a common occurrence around here (in case you need b-day or Christmas gift idea!). And by couldn't find I mean I was too lazy to walk to the basement to get the one flashlight I knew we had. So knowing I was going to be stepping on worms because I couldn't see, I put on a pair of Charlie's shoes--so the worm guts would get all over his and not mine. (I probably shouldn't let him have access to this blog :)
2. I don't think I'm taking this dance recital thing seriously enough. We got our "production packet" on Saturday. We have a dress rehersal at the studio on a Sunday (just hair and costume) and a dress rehersal at the stage on Friday night (hair, costume, and makeup). There's a list of makeup she needs--which probably mostly will come from my collection--mascara is optional for the under 8 crowd--thanks! I do get that she'll need makeup under the stage lighting. There's a 2 hour meeting for parents who want to learn how to do the hair and makeup on some Saturday in May. Now if she were 10 and really, really into this I probably would be too but for a 4 year old, really? Is it necessary? And we have to be there 2-1/2 hours prior to the show? Seriously?

And because I think posts without pictures are boring (and I won't justify a worm's existence with a photo on my blog), I'll leave you with a PSA from Katherine...
Don't eat candles!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eau de skunk

So it was bound to happen eventually living where we do...last night Kira found a skunk. And apparently close to the house too! I was upstairs giving Katherine a bath and heard Charlie outside yelling at the dog--not really all that unusual. I walked into the hallway to put something back in her room and the smell hit me and I instantly knew why Charlie was outside yelling at the dog. While I finished Katherine's bath, he bathed the dog with some Pert and I did some quick Googling--gotta love Google! Apparently tomato soup baths are a load of crap unless you want a dog that smells like tomatoes and skunk. The most recomended solution was hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent. I"ll spare you the scientifc reasoning behind it because unless you're me it's probably boring. Unfortunately we only had a half bottle of hydrogen peroxide--I needed 3x's as much but I went with it. Could have been the Pert too but it seemed to do the trick. She still slept in the garage...Charlie wouldn't let me put the space heater out there. Her collar is another story and the house...Kira never came inside but because it was so close to the house the house stunk. After the odor disappated outside we opened every window on the first floor which helped. I woke up several times last night smelling skunk--not sure if it was psycological or it was back? Right now at 7:30am I have windows open, the garage door open and Kira's still outside. I'm on my second shower since last night and after I drop Katherine off at school (hopefully not smelling but I'm afraid we've all become immune to the smell by now and couldn't tell even if it were there) I'll either be investing in bulk bottles of hydrogen peroxide or something commercial when the groomer opens at 9 and a new collar. (Except for the invisible fence one which I guess I'll have to wash--it's nasty and expensive!) I'm thinking one more wash down and Kira will be able to come inside. And then I'll shower again--for the third time! And every once in a while I still get whiffs--is it me or something outside?

In my Google searches I came across this diagram:
from here
Freaking hilarious!!!...there're roses coming out of....oh well you can see and I don't want my blog visited by wierd people so I'll leave it unsaid...Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Speaking of dogs with sunglasses...

forgot I took this picture. What you can't see is she's also wearing a necklace and bracelet. Such the fashionista--that dog of ours!
In scrappy news, I've been busy:
I've had these pictures printed since, well let's say August at least. Feels good to finally do something with them!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this dog puts up with a lot!

Last night she was wearing a headband, a necklace, and a bracelet. The other day...sunglasses.