Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Things on a Wednesday

1. I cut 2 inches off Katherine's hair at 1:30pm. Afterwards she took a shower and has been walking around naked ever since.
2. I threatened she couldn't go to Grandma's at 4pm if she didn't get dressed--which spurred sudden interest in getting dressed. Then she called Grandma--just to check if she was home yet after her lunch at Oyster Crab. She meant Cracker Barrel--close though! At least she got dressed!
Her hair was still wet here. She's got my "hair takes forever to dry" gene.
3. I've been listening to a stink bug I put in a box 2 hours ago beside me in the trash. Apparently he doesn't like it in there. That's ok with me though because I don't like him and his 4,345,389 friends in my house!
4. For Aunt Bert: This was the picture after I left and walked back into the room about 15 minutes after you left our house:
Thanks for the blanket!
5. What do you mean it's not Christmas anymore?!? I keep finding cute Christmas ideas, so I tried one, despite the fact that it was New Year's Eve....Handprint snowmen ornaments...cover the hand with white paint, press around a glass ornament. The fingers become snowmen to decorate, add snow, and a year...

Super cute idea from the Internet!
6. I made a layout of my New Year's resolutions:
You should be able to click on the picture to see it larger. Basically they involve finishing open projects, more focus on exercise and healthy eating, run a 5K in less than 30 minutes, spend less time on the computer and more time creating/playing/trying the vast quantity of ideas I've seen and have running around my head. Speaking of focusing, I've chosen "focus" as my One Little Word for 2011. It's the idea that the word you choose helps you throughout the year in whatever area of your life you'd like. I've been feeling rather scatterbrained recently and overwhelmed with what I have started. I'd like to focus on finishing and focus on achieving my goals and resolutions. Focus on one or two things at a time because multitasking is slowly driving me nuts!
7. I got an email from someone I "know" from the scrapbook kit club I belong to this morning. She also ran the Marine Corp Marathon so we chatted via email a few times over the course of last year about that and training and how it was going. She contributes to an online scrapbook magazine called Scrapstreet and wanted to know if she could use one of my layouts for her article. ummm, hell yeah!!! One of my resolutions was submit some layouts to magazines for publication (notice the keyword: submit! not necessarily get accepted!). I hadn't even thought about online stuff; but does it count if I didn't even have to initiate it?!? I'm a little nervous though because she said the article was about punches and I didn't even really use that many punches on this layout. I'm afraid she'll get my supply list and change her mind.

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  1. WOW!!! that is so cool to possibly get published! You definitely deserve to be cause I love every piece you put together. You are amazingly gifted. Love you!!