Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8 Days Late(r)

I decided to show my Valentine's home decor today. It's a little late, but it's my blog!
I made this based on something I found in the Pottery Barn catalogue. Honestly I like Pottery Barn's better than mine but that's ok. I think it needs more--more stuff on the hearts or more stuff hanging in general. I can always add to it next year.

The next thing I made with my crafty friends. We get together once or twice a month and try new stuff or projects we find online or in magazines. This was a coffee can, that was slightly flattened in a vice, primed, painted and embellished.

The next two things I made because I signed up for a Valentine swap on a blog I read. I ended up swapping with a military wife stationed in Kuwait so instead of just giving her a card (also pictured below), I made some stuff from ideas I've been saving in my head for a while. I had some free time and it went something like this: one for her, one for me!

Paper Heart Garland made with an old book and a sewing machine

Heart garland made with a red felted sweater left over from last Christmas' crafty gifts (note the craziness going on in the reflection--lovely!)
Both of these garlands were super quick and easy! Nothing like the ordeal I had made them out to be in my head. I free hand cut the hearts and sat on the floor with my sewing machine and fed hearts with one hand and pushed the petal with the other (my desk was, ummm, a little crowded!).

the Valentine card I made for her. It's called a lace cake. You make layers of lace to mimic a cake and then embellsih. I also made her a cute Valentine figure made out of an old wooden spool and a clay head with little hearts for ears. I forgot to take a picture before mailing it but it looked a lot like this:

(from here:

Don't worry...there's plenty of ideas left for next year! More on that later!