Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you heard of Pinterest?

It's a newish site that lets you save ideas and pictures and tutorials and recipes and whatever else you may find on the Internet. It's awesome!! I was using Tumblr (and still am to find stuff to pin!) but this is much more user friendly and I love the look of the boards and how easy it is to "pin" stuff to them and to find the stuff you have pinned. Not that I need more ideas of things to do to pass my time but at least now they're semi-organized!

Here's what I've found to "pin" recently:
a tutorial to make a cute summer skirt:

love this quilt:

crafts for Katherine:

Craftiness at it's best:

pom-poms made from old t-shirts

Need more time! more hours in the day! and apparently more wall space!

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