Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Things in My Life

1. I'm a chocolate snob. Ok, snob might be a stretch since I'm buying Hershey's not Godiva but I had to fill 12 eggs for the preschool Easter Egg hunt and I can't bring myself to buy that cheap dollar store generic chocolate. It's cheaper...they're 3 and 4 year olds who probably don't care (except for mine...who doesn't like that stuff--proof positive that I'm doing something right!) so why spend money on the more expensive stuff? I like to believe in the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. Pretty sure that applies to chocolate giving too!
2. "Katherine won't make much of a farmer!" as said by Margaret after they hauled horse manure in the Gator on Sunday morning. Apparently she held her nose for the first 5 loads--Katherine not Margaret that is. I was busy doing some gardening and not present for this fun event. I highly resemble that remark!
3. Things I've been making:

Seriously can't get enough of this scrapbooking stuff lately. I joined a kit club called Studio Calico (shhhh....don't tell Charlie) which I love. Most of these were made for challenges on their site. I've done kit clubs before but for some reason this one is so much better!

And finally because I know you don't really care what I've been doing...a picture of Katherine from the first day of spring and because she loves them, a picture of her new sandals (with socks!)....

(She was dancing I think)

Happy Wednesday!

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