Monday, March 15, 2010


1. Most of you know I hate worms and if you don't...where have you been? Hiding under a rock...with the worms? Recent downpours have brought out all kinds of worms on our driveway. Saturday night before I went to bed I had to find the dog. Of course she didn't come when I called out the front door. So I had to walk outside. Usually when I go to the top of the driveway she comes. But there were worms all over the place and I couldn't find a flashlight which by the way is a common occurrence around here (in case you need b-day or Christmas gift idea!). And by couldn't find I mean I was too lazy to walk to the basement to get the one flashlight I knew we had. So knowing I was going to be stepping on worms because I couldn't see, I put on a pair of Charlie's shoes--so the worm guts would get all over his and not mine. (I probably shouldn't let him have access to this blog :)
2. I don't think I'm taking this dance recital thing seriously enough. We got our "production packet" on Saturday. We have a dress rehersal at the studio on a Sunday (just hair and costume) and a dress rehersal at the stage on Friday night (hair, costume, and makeup). There's a list of makeup she needs--which probably mostly will come from my collection--mascara is optional for the under 8 crowd--thanks! I do get that she'll need makeup under the stage lighting. There's a 2 hour meeting for parents who want to learn how to do the hair and makeup on some Saturday in May. Now if she were 10 and really, really into this I probably would be too but for a 4 year old, really? Is it necessary? And we have to be there 2-1/2 hours prior to the show? Seriously?

And because I think posts without pictures are boring (and I won't justify a worm's existence with a photo on my blog), I'll leave you with a PSA from Katherine...
Don't eat candles!

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