Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eau de skunk

So it was bound to happen eventually living where we do...last night Kira found a skunk. And apparently close to the house too! I was upstairs giving Katherine a bath and heard Charlie outside yelling at the dog--not really all that unusual. I walked into the hallway to put something back in her room and the smell hit me and I instantly knew why Charlie was outside yelling at the dog. While I finished Katherine's bath, he bathed the dog with some Pert and I did some quick Googling--gotta love Google! Apparently tomato soup baths are a load of crap unless you want a dog that smells like tomatoes and skunk. The most recomended solution was hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent. I"ll spare you the scientifc reasoning behind it because unless you're me it's probably boring. Unfortunately we only had a half bottle of hydrogen peroxide--I needed 3x's as much but I went with it. Could have been the Pert too but it seemed to do the trick. She still slept in the garage...Charlie wouldn't let me put the space heater out there. Her collar is another story and the house...Kira never came inside but because it was so close to the house the house stunk. After the odor disappated outside we opened every window on the first floor which helped. I woke up several times last night smelling skunk--not sure if it was psycological or it was back? Right now at 7:30am I have windows open, the garage door open and Kira's still outside. I'm on my second shower since last night and after I drop Katherine off at school (hopefully not smelling but I'm afraid we've all become immune to the smell by now and couldn't tell even if it were there) I'll either be investing in bulk bottles of hydrogen peroxide or something commercial when the groomer opens at 9 and a new collar. (Except for the invisible fence one which I guess I'll have to wash--it's nasty and expensive!) I'm thinking one more wash down and Kira will be able to come inside. And then I'll shower again--for the third time! And every once in a while I still get whiffs--is it me or something outside?

In my Google searches I came across this diagram:
from here
Freaking hilarious!!!...there're roses coming out of....oh well you can see and I don't want my blog visited by wierd people so I'll leave it unsaid...Happy Wednesday!

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