Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My ode to blue and orange & Snow-much fun!

While watching Project Runway on Saturday night, the judges had just finished bashing a woman (Amy, I think?) who made a blue and orange outfit for both her child and adult model. The child's outfit was cute. The adult pants were just a smidge on the side of hideous (think MC Hammer walking through a blue and orange flower patch). Anyway the guest judge said, "I don't even think blue and orange really go together, they don't compliment each other at all (or something close to that)" at which point I said, "wait a minute, aren't they opposite on the color wheel?" Then I HAD to Google color wheel to confirm my thinking and yes they are! Which means by nature, they are complementary colors. Hello, guest designer, where did you go to design school? (in her defense she could have been the target of some really bad TV editing) So here's some other people out there who, like me, don't think blue and orange are hideous together...
The Denver Broncos:
Syracuse University:
And Pfaltzgraff who made my dishes and inspired my kitchen color choices (yes blue and orange):
Moving on...
Snow Much Fun! (sorry, couldn't help it. I really did try)
We went tubing on Sunday at Heritage Hills with the Williams'. Katherine did really good. She wouldn't go down the big hills by herself (can't really blame her, they looked pretty steep to ME when you're sitting at the top) but she did go down in her own tube if we were holding on to her. Once we got over the steep part, she yelled for us to let go. She also went up the lift system without question or complaint which made the day so much better. We did walk up once and that was enough!

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