Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy 4th (on the 6th)

or what we did on the 4th....
spent most of the day hiding inside--it was hot. Or at least it looked hot from the window! :)
And then we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds baseball game with Margaret (aka: Grandma) and Aunt Susie (aka: Aunt Susie). Luckily there was shade and a slight breeze so altogether it wasn't so bad out. Had some cotton candy, Rita's Ice, cracker jacks, a crab pretzel, a beer, hamburgers and hotdogs and french fries--oh yeah, we were watching baseball during all that eating.
Joe Flacco's brother, Mike (I think?)

bejeweled, bedazzled, and bespeckled for the 4th
And we saw some fireworks. I tried a photography technique I had read about for taking pictures of fireworks and took about 50 pictures of them...

I also ran 11 miles in 2:06 on Saturday morning. There was actually a chill in the air when I started and I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely amazing that was. Not to mention how much better I felt when I was finished--come on fall! Total milage for last week: 21-1/2 miles.


  1. great photos from your fourth! and totally jealous about that little hint of fall air you got during your run...it's so hot here in florida and will be for months and months to come :P

  2. awesome mileage for the week!! and i'm a firm believer that the best part of ballgames is the beer and the snacks. =)