Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday pics...finally

The much requested dress that went to her feet and high heels. We found the dress on Ebay for $20--I couldn't have made anything that cheap.
Birthday dinner at Red Robin--her choice.
And the party. And it rained and rained and despite checking the radar 452 times that morning and it claiming that everything would be gone by 1:15-1:30, it kept raining. Luckily it wasn't storming, the pool was really warm and nobody seemed to mind swimming in the rain.
The Barbie princess cake. No I didn't make it, yes I could have but the fact that I didn't have to...priceless. :)
She told me before we sang she was nervous. She told Aidan he could help blow out her candles.
The had ribbons to pull but they wanted to hit it so we did both because it would have taken hours to break that thing.

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