Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marathon Watch 2010 and other exciting updates

So yesterday I ran 6-ish miles--from Whiteford firehouse to the 3rd telephone pole past the horse farm on the left past where Old Pylesville Rd comes out on 165 and back (distance was pre-measured in my car, hence the -ish part). Only 20 more miles to add (and yes I know it's 26.2, but if I can get the 26 part done, I can crawl the rest of the way--it'll make a great Kodak moment, don't you think!). It's amazing how flat a road will look in a SUV going 50mph. However when you actually get out and move say 5.5 mph, there's lots of hills you never noticed before. That stretch of road they call "the flats"? Anything but! It took me 68 minutes which wasn't bad considering the pace I've been doing on the treadmill should have clocked me at 65 minutes--and there's no hills there! 
Before I ran I was dreading it, questioning why I was doing this. Really wanted to go home and take a shower instead. But I did it and felt great afterwards to have accomplished it (mostly because I ran the whole way--I'm much less likely to stop and walk outside than I am on a treadmill). I need to remember the good feeling at the end and channel that next week when I run 7 miles. Although there was a moment at around 5-1/2 miles when I needed to speed up to get out of the way of a turning car and I'm pretty sure my legs said, "what the hell Robin, you think we're going to sprint NOW?" Yes they have their own personality...

Katherine has been accepted to 1/2 day kindergarten. They save the full day spots for kids who need extra help and we weren't sure with her dog barking if she would qualify for extra help or not. But I guess they were more interested that she could write her name, knew her address and phone number, and knew her letters and numbers and could count to 29 (except for 15, she always misses that one?). According to her preschool spring evaluation they did at school, her points accumulated were equivalent to a 6 year old (except for the reading part, I'm guessing). Which just goes to show, what she'll do when she's comfortable in her environment.

And 2 scrapbooking layouts about Katherine (because blog posts without pictures are just boring!)

(you can click on the photos to make them bigger if you want to read the journaling)

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