Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not your "normal" Easter miracle(s)

That miracle would be this picture taken at Breakfast with the Easter Bunny:

Which is the first time since this picture that she's been in the same room with the Easter Bunny without screaming:
Ahhh, the memories! Yes, that's my arm holding her on his lap and yes I'm a terrible, picture obsessed Mom. But what you can't see is that I cropped that picture down from this one, and did a little digital stamping (the Easter Bunny got a little wider to cover up part of Aidan's legs and body):

Apparently the moral learned from these pictures (much like the Tea with Santa pictures from Christmas) is that there's safety in numbers as long as you're with a friend close to your age. Mommy and Daddy (or any other adult who you routinely run to for comfort and safety) don't count.

And the second miracle: she let Miss Tina braid her hair.

And just because I can:

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  1. WOW! That is awesome Katherine! Congrats on meeting the Bunny. Your hair looks beautiful also. Hugs and Love, Erin