Monday, April 5, 2010

Snap Happy

Her Easter Dress (1 of 2 anyway)--or Easter themed dress from Grandma who once told me, "I hope you don't think I'll be buying her girly dresses!" Hey if she can bring up the pink comment, I can bring that up! I said before the baby shower I didn't want everything in pink because I knew we would eventually end up with lots and lots--and I was right! :) We haven't tried on the other dress. I had to use reverse psycology to get this one on. "You're right Katherine, it probably won't be very cute once you put it on. We should just take it back." I knew once she got it on, she'd love it.
checking her texts
my favorite
Thanks Grandma!
We also have Curious George this week. Yesterday we went to APG for a cookout...

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  1. Nana never said she wouldn't buy pink stuff......